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The Baby Photo Contest Story

How much should you pay your babysitter?

The first Gerber baby contest ever was in 1928. Since then when you hear “Gerber” you automatically see in your mind’s eye the little adorable baby face on all the Gerber’s products. Gerber baby photo contest did not ended there. It went on and continue to this very day. The winner could take home a total of $100,000 plus other goodies like in 2006… Read more

Our site will provide you on contest tips, contest info, and more regarding Garber just because they’re the big boy in the game of baby contests and products, and baby photo contest.

Baby photo contest is a great start for parents that looking into having their kids get involve the entertainment industry like baby modeling and maybe even movies. There are many baby photo contests on the web and we’ll try to stay focus on only online contests. But that doesn’t limit us to only online. If we found popular offline/local baby contests then we’ll let you know on this web site. But for now, there is a very popular baby photo contest that we’d like and highly recommend all parents to enter their babies.

The Cute Kid Contest. $5,000.00 in prizes each month and the grand prize winner of the year take home $25,000 college tuition fund. No purchase necessary to enter. Click here to enter.

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